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At Help Computer Centre we don't just sell computers - we fix them too! From in-store hardware upgrades to home network installations, and with over 20 years experience in the industry, you know you're in safe hands.

  • PC Healthchecks

    Is your computer just not running right? Things starting to slow up a bit? Why not drop it in for a healthcheck? We recommend that every computer should have a “look over” every year to ensure that it stays at the speed to which you`ve become accustomed.

    We`ll do a number of checks on your computer including, but not limited to, a hardware and software diagnostic, virus scan, installation of updates and a full internal valet.

  • Virus Removal

    If your computer is running as slow as a second-hand Lada and has more pop-ups than a children’s book then chances are your computer is virused. This sounds scary but don’t worry we can sort it out without too much drama.

    We`ll first try and remove the viruses but if this is not successful we`ll back-up all your data, pictures, music, etc and re-install your operating system, leaving your computer the same as before – minus the viruses.

  • Laptop Repairs

    Unlike other well-known computer stores we do not charge an extortionate fixed laptop repair price. We charge each repair on merit and can always supply a quotation before carrying out the repair.

    So if you have accidently dropped your laptop and smashed the screen or spilt something over the keyboard don`t throw it out – call us first and you`ll find that repairing it might not be as expensive as you thought.

  • Upgrades

    You don`t have to buy a whole new computer to run the latest games and applications. Why not have us install some upgrades. We can install any number of upgrades for your PC to help it complete tasks like editing videos, playing games and watching TV.

    Drop it in and we can give you a free, no obligation, quotation to have your computer running like a Ferrari – not a Skoda!

  • PC & Laptop Installations

    Just got a new PC or laptop? Yes – Great!

    Don`t know what cable goes where? Yes – Not so great!

    Don`t worry we can call & set it up for you, whether you bought the computer from us or not. In no time we can have your computer set up & ready to go along with any printer, camera, broadband etc & show you how to use it.

  • Wireless Networks

    With a wireless network installation there is no need to run untidy cabling through your house. You get all the benefits of a computer network: share files, share a printer & more and the ability to access it all from anywhere in your home.

    When we call to install your network we will also add security encryption so there is no need to worry about strangers using your wireless network.

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